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Carr Vale Viaduct. Updated with the newspaper cuttings from the Derbyshire Times 1952. Many thanks to Zoe Hunter. 04/01/2017.
The Condition in Mines. 1842. The Conditions & Treatment of the Children Employed in the Mines & Collieries of the United Kingdom. 1842. Google Books.
Bolsover Parish Church Magazine. January 1955. Full of local advertising. 06/01/2017.
The Arkwright Oaks. Godfrey Downs-Rose. 29/04/1993. 'Cut down in the name of progress'.
Williamthorpe Colliery. Updated with new photographs and map. 09/01/2017.
New Bolsover. Modern Photographs.
Storforth Lane Colliery. Updated. 12/01/2017.
Pigots Directory 1835 (North Derbyshire Towns of) :
Authors Notes on Copyright.
Coalite Remembered in Photographs. 21/01/2017.
Palterton Thirteen Row. Photographic Update. 31/01/2017.


Ebenezer Cottages. Updated with my thoughts. 02/02/2017.
Carr House Farm. Updated. 06/02/2017.
Jam Factory. Carr Vale. Complete photoset of pre demolition visit added. 08/02/2017.
Doe Lea Branch Line of the Midland Railway. 12/02/2017.
Carr Vale Iron  17/02/2017.
Bolsover Public House History UNDER CONSTRUCTION......... 22/02/2017.
White's Trade Directory 1857. Bolsover. 24/02/2017.
1881 Brick. Kelly's Directory Listings.
1881 Coal. Kelly's 1881 Directory Listings.
Arkwright Town photographs added.
Woodthorpe Church We are looking for information on this former church. Please E-mail me on neil@oldminer.co.uk.


Spray Family of Carr Vale. Updated. 08/03/2017.
The Poems of the Late Harry Fokinther. Ramcroft Colliery Poems. Updated. PDF Document added to download.
Bolsover Public House History UNDER CONSTRUCTION......... Further updated 09/03/2017.
Railway Cottages Bolsover. LD&ECR. UNDER CONSTRUCTION...........


Rowthorne Station Profitability. An article by Glynn Waite on the records of Rowthorne Station and its profitability as a small station. 07/04/2017.


Woodthorpe Church Updated. Plaque of the 'Guild Of Ascension' restored.
LD&ECR Engines From the Locomotive Magazine articles on LD&ECR. 15/11/1906.


Brimington Lodge (Farm). Demolished to make way for a housing development.
Seymour Colliery Housing update. 17/06/2017.

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