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Creswell Colliery. Updated with a visit in 1898 by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 02/01/2018
Oxcroft Colliery 1873-1974. NCB. 05/01/2018.
Thoresby Colliery Photographs 2008. 08/01/2018.
Welbeck Colliery Photographs 2008.
Harworth Colliery Photographs 2011.
Clipstone Colliery Photographs 2015.
Glapwell Colliery. Updated. 23/01/2018.
Colliery Company Letterheads. (Many Thanks to Glynn Waite). 24/01/2018.
Oxcroft Colliery Updated. 25/01/2018.
Palterton Collieries Updated. 26/01/2018.
1577 Alehouse Licences. (Licencees names only). 29/01/2018.
(H)Ault Hucknall Church Stained Glass Windows. Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. Vol.XX January 1898. 30/01/2018.
A visit to Hardwick Hall and the Hardwick Inn from a book written by Josephine Tozier published in 1904. 12/02/2017.
Photographs etc of Bolsover Castle. There are now many old books out of copyright and digitised on Archive.org. Here are some photographs from those books.
Mining Methods. Updated with old drawings. 08/03/2018.
Dosco Roadheader Mark 2a. Sited at Pleasley Colliery. 17/10/2018.
Bolsover 1930's Mining the Bolsover Colliery Company Coal. 1930's style.
Bolsover Colliery Enginewright photographs kindly sent in by Robert Doughty. Many Thanks. 01/11/2018.
Bolsover Colliery Section placed under the Bolsover Heading.
Walton Colliery Abandonment Plans 1911. 9/11/18.
Arkwright Colliery Mine Plans.
Sergeant Doughty at Bolsover police station. Photographs kindly sent in by Robert Doughty his grandson. Many Thanks once again.
The Modernisation of the Hardwick Companies Williamthorpe Colliery 1938 to 1940. 18/11/2018.
Ramcroft Colliery Branch Line (Updated) 1918-2018. 21/11/2018.
Bolsover Colliery Updated with 1913 Accident Report. 22/11/2018.
Recruitment 24/11/2018.
Whitwell Colliery Updated. 29/11/2018.
Shirland Colliery 30/11/2018.

New Bolsover Updated. 01/12/2018.

Miners Life from 'The Sphere'. 1912 & 1919. 05/12/2018.

YouTube videos from me. 16/12/2018.

Bolsover Station. Updated with an accident report from 1902. 24/12/2018.
Ditto. With a Facebook article from Glynn Waite. 28/12/2018.

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