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Grassmoor Colliery Updated with a visit to the colliery in the 1890's. 06/02/2020.

Pleasley Colliery. Updated with: Stanton Ironworks Company Pits. 1890. Pleasley, Teversal & Silver Hill.

Haddon Tunnel. To be continued. Showing the East Portal. 16/02/2020.

Wheeldon Mill Colliery Updated. 16/04/2020.

Bolsover Colliery Winding Engine  Many thanks to D.A. Forman for sending me the photographs.

Bolsover Tunnel. Updated with information from David Widdowson on the third air shaft. 08.11.2020.

The Old Peveral Road at Carr Vale. 21.11.2020. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Colliery Aerial Ropeways. 26.11.2020. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Bolsover Company. Updated with a New Document. 27.11.2020.

Public Houses. Updated with New Photographs.

Bolsover Station. Updated with New Photographs.

Sheepbridge. Updated with new photograph. Copyright B. Brooksbank. 03.12.2020.

Five Pits Trail. DCC Leaflet and PDF. 11.12.2020.

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