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Barlow Parish Magazines. 1958-1965.

The Barlow Saint Lawrence Church Newsletters from January 1st 1958 to April 1965. There does appear to be the odd one missing, whether it was was not issued that month or it is genuinely missing I have no way of telling.

I was Christened at Barlow Church in 1957 by the Rev. Handford, he was also a frequent visitor at Barlow School where I was from an early age.

I was confirmed at Eckington Parish Church by the Rev. Handford and also played the bells at Calow Church from books written by the Rev. Handford.

Compiled by The Late Rev. Claude William Handford.
‘The Days of Yore’  articles, appear to be taken from the barlow Parish Records.


He joined the Parish on 28th. April 1956, after the resignation of Robert Christopher Norfor 25th. March 1956 (1953-1956) due to ill health.

January 1958 to May 1965 (His last issue, he left the Parish on Wednesday 5th. May, he went home to Sussex).
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