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Fred Havenhand

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Fred Havenhand 1912.

Whilst researching the Havenhands in the Dronfield area we discovered the awful accident and death of cousin Fred. He was son of a miner from Dronfield/Coal Aston and was living in Beighton in 1912 with his wife and baby daughter.  The accident is reported in Sheffield Daily Telegraph 21st May 1912, and a report from Web uk Coal mining accidents and deaths index is available on Ancestry. It looks to be the sort of information you are including in your website.

I had not seen your site until we were looking at collieries around Dronfield because of Fred's accident, and we would just like to thank you for producing such an interesting and valuable resource. The maps of the smaller collieries were instantly fascinating as they explained the movement of families - we had clusters around Cresswell, Whitwell across to Dronfield and Handsworth - all miners and clearly following the work.

Val Secker.

Many thanks to Val for allowing me to include their information on the site.
(The two articles included are done so under the proviso that the copyright holders do not object, they would be removed if they objected).
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