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Lost Buildings.


Over the past years I have noticed from maps that there are many missing buildings brought about by various causes, mostly by the advent of the mining industry.


It would appear that this farm was at SK. 5675 6679 was destroyed by the Sheepbridge Company after the sinking of Glapwell colliery in 1882 as it was sold as 'a going concern' in June 1920 when the Hall and lands at Glapwell were sold.
Nothing now remains of the farm except the stream.

Part of the Sutton estate this was also sold as a 'going concern' in November 1919 but did disappear after the coming of the Arkwright Colliery in the 1930's. The farm was to have been found at SK. 4317 6986.
Nothing at all remains of the farm.
The Adelphi Ironworks. (Works Farm).

This farm was made out of the remains of the old Ironworks. The site has now been levelled and nothing now remains of the farm.

Lost due to rationalisation of farms in the area.
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