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Shopping 1930's

Bolsover Area > Carr Vale > Carr Vale
Shopping in Carr Vale, 1930's.

 Birch, Edward William. Confectioner. 20 Main Street.
 Blacks Radio Stores Ltd. 22 Main Street.
 Bolsover Home Grown Fruit Preserving Company Ltd. New Station Road.
 Buxton, Walter R. Boot Repairer. Main Street.
 Caley, Joseph. Shopkeeper. 18 Main Street.
 Carr Vale Hotel. George S Billings. Main Street.
 Carr Vale Working Mens Club. Moses Millard, Secretary. Sherwood Street.
 Central Billiards Saloon. J.R. Dakin. Charlesworth Street.
 Central Hall Picture Theatre. Ernest and Reginald Dakin.
 Clements, William. Draper. 57 Charlesworth Street.
 Crouch, Annie. (Mrs). Shopkeeper. 64 Charlesworth Street.
 Cutts, Jessica. (Mrs). Shopkeeper. 12 Main Street.
 Elliot, Florrie Anne. (Mrs). Draper. 10 Main Street.
 Flint, Charles. Haulage Contractor. 6 Sutton Hall Road.
 Godard, Louis Clarion. Grocer. Charlesworth Street.
 Greenwood, Stanley E. Chemist. 5 Main Street.
 Groom, William. Grocer. 1 Sutton Hall Road.
 Harris, Arthur. Watch and Clock Repairer. 51 Charlesworth Street.
 Houfton, Harriet. (Mrs). Servants Registry Office. 21 Sutton Hall Road.
 Lambert, John George. Confectioner. 53 Charlesworth Street.
 Lambert Social Services Centre. W. Brown, Secretary. Main Street.
 Lynch, Edward. Butcher. 7 Main Street.
 Millard, Moses. Shopkeeper. 23 Charlesworth Street.
 Needham, Harry. Grocer. 4 Main Street.
 New Byron Brick Company and Tile Makers. Herbert Leslie Vass, Manager.
 Parsons, Edith Anne. (Mrs). Stationer. 2 Spencer Street.
 Piggot, Charles. Fried Fish Dealer. 16 Main Street.
 Pleasley and Pleasley Hill Co-operative and Industrial Society Ltd. Charlesworth
 Richardson, Arthur. Butcher. 65 Charlesworth Street.
 Shentall, John Ltd. Grocers. 28 Main Street.
 Slaney, Beatrice. (Mrs). Shopkeeper. 18 Charlesworth Street.
 Smedley, Wilfred. Fruiters and Post Office. 2 Charlesworth Street.
 Trantham and Haywood, Bakers. 1 Main Street.
 Wilbourne, John William. Wireless Dealer. 55 Charlesworth Street.
 Winnard, Doris. (Miss). Ladies Hairdressers. 24 Main Street.
 Winnard, Thomas. Fried Fish Dealer. 5 Charlesworth Street.
 Woodhead, George. Hair Dresser. 8 Main Street.
 Wyler, Martha. (Mrs). Shopkeeper. 1 Orchard Row.
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