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TIBSHELF OLD PIT SK 46/56 442597 (SK. 444309 3597380)
TIBSHELF NEW PIT SK 46/56 442601 (SK. 444278 360107)
DIMINSDALE COLLIERY SK 46/56 451599 (SK. 445106 359998)


Tibshelf. North. New Pit.

No1 shaft west. SK. 444259 360084
No2 shaft east. SK. 444287 360078

Tibshelf. South. Old Pit.

No3 shaft north. SK. 445057 360955
No4 shaft south. SK. 445078 360925

Worked the Low Main and Blackshale seams mainly with small areas of coal from the Tupton Threequarter seam. The workings were connected by interseam drifts and the shafts, the collieries closing about 1939.

At that date 108,000 gallons of water were pumped out of the No’s 1&2 shafts daily. Water being produced at a rate of about 20 to 30 gallons per minute from the Blackshale and the remainder from the Deep Hard seam.

Information from the Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Company LTD. October 1948.
(British Geological Survey).

No4 shaft. 918 feet deep.

Tibshelf Colliery.

Derbyshire Times; 8th April 1876.  

On Thursday 2.000 miners employed by Messrs C. Seeley and Company at Tibshelf went on strike. It had been proposed to reduce the men’s wages by 17 ½ % (15% demanded by the masters and 2 ½% that was standing over of a reduction offered in February 1875 but not enforced.)   

Tibshelf Colliery Club.  

Derbyshire Times; 28th. June 1879.

Gala and Flower Show.   

The annual fete and gala will be held on the Colliery cricket ground on Wednesday 16th July.
The Tibshelf Colliery Band and also the Tibshelf United Brass Band will be playing.  

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