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Eckington Colliery Underground. Many thanks to Roy Hatfield of Hatfield Energy.

Brimington Lodge Farm. New photograph added. 21/01/2021.

Byron Brick Company trip to Skegness 1951. Many thanks to John for the family photographs. 13/02/2021.

Observations on the Plague in England, (Chesterfield) by the Rev Mr. Pegge. In a letter to Mr Gough. Read on January 13th. 1780.

Spent all day 16/02/2021 sorting out why the *.pdf files would not load. Sorted. (I hope).

Unstone Colliery Check. Many Thanks to Peter Harrison. 18/02/2021.

Calow Ironworks. Did it exist?. 20/02/2021.

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