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Compiled, Copyright and Researched by Glynn Waite.

Mansfield to Bolsover Way Bill. Glynn Waite.

Opened 1st September 1890. Closed 28th July 1930 for regular passenger traffic and 14th September 1931 for workmen. Subsequently used for
occasional excursion traffic until at least 1949. Renamed Bolsover Castle 25th September 1950. Used again for excursion traffic between 1977 and 1981.
The dates in the "From" column up to 1908 are when the occupants officially took over the posts after a period of training. This was usually between two
and four weeks, although there were instances, especially when stations were relatively new, where the official appointment date was some time after
a person had taken over - Hackett being a good example.

From. Name. Comment.

Job Frederick Fisher
Was Foreman Doe Lea Valley prior to opening of station. Permanent staff not appointed initially. Shown in Railway News of 13.09.1890 and 1891 census as SM, but not in official MR records, so presumably covered the post on a temporary basis. To SM Bleasby. [Railway News of 02.05.1891 records the transfer to Bleasby as having taken place.] [in 1891 census, aged 34, born Bulley, Gloucestershire. Living in Church Street, Bolsover, with his wife and two young sons.]

W. Hackett
From Signalman Brownhills. [** = His replacement took over at Brownhills on 16.04.1891, so he was presumably sent to Bolsover around that time - but not officially appointed for another 8 months!.] Salary £62.8pa. Resigned 16.01.1892.

Herbert Mason Read
From Relief Porter Kettering. Salary £62.8pa. To SM Watnall.

Richard Grice
From SM Killamarsh. Salary £70pa. Increased to £80pa 01.08.1894. To SM Darfield.

William Henry Johnson
From Clerk Stoke Works. Salary £80pa. Increased to £85pa 01.08.1898. To SM Ullesthorpe.

Herbert H. Willis
From Goods Clerk Heeley. Salary £85pa. To Assistant District Inspector Normanton. [in 1901 census, aged 29, born Irchester, Northants. Living in Castle Lane, Bolsover with his wife.]

John Daniel Neale
From Booking Clerk Clay Cross. Salary £85pa. To SM Shipley Gate. [Shown as Neil in one directory]

John William Palmer
From SM Glapwell. Salary £85pa. To Assistant District Inspector Normanton.

Harry York
From SM Attercliffe Road. Salary £85pa. To SM Worthington (exchange with Dewey).

12.04.1908 **
George H. Dewey
From SM Worthington (exchange with York). Salary £85pa. [** = shown to have moved to Bolsover (for training) on 17.03.1908.]
Midland Railway records for individual locations ceased in mid-1908.

by 02.04.1911
Samuel Palfreyman
In 1911 census, single, aged 30, born Kilnhurst, Yorkshire. A boarder with Charles D. Turner at 30 Castle Street, Bolsover. Salary £105pa in 08.1914. Still SM in 1916.

by 01.1921
Ernest C. Beckley
Still SM in 1924.
Post responsible for goods and mineral traffic only following withdrawal of passenger services.

by 06.05.1940
G.P. Kirland
Class 3. Salary £250pa 06.05.1942.

by 03.01.1944
E.C. Purslow
Class 3 Salary £240pa.

Bolsover South Station on a summers day..............Anyone for Cricket. Copyright Unknown.

Tickets by Glynn Waite.

My Tickets.

A photograph of Job Frederick Fisher Station Master.

This was taken when he was the Station Master at Thurgarton and should be acknowledged to Clive Fisher (his great grandson).
Photograph Copyright Clive Fisher.

Job’s Fisher started as a Porter at Staveley on 11th September 1874, later becoming a Demurrage Porter and Number Taker, also at Staveley. In March 1886 he was appointed to the new post of Foreman Doe Lea Valley Branch, becoming the temporary Station Master at Bolsover when it opened to passenger traffic on 1st September 1890. He was officially appointed as the Station Master at Bleasby in June 1891 (having moved there the previous month) and became Station Master Thurgarton in May 1898. He remained in that post until June 1921 when he retired at the age of 65. It transpired that five of Job’s sons also worked on the Midland Railway and that the eldest one, Ernest, was at Rowsley from 1931 to 1948, eventually becoming the District Controller.

Once again Many Thanks to Glynn Waite.

Photograph Copyright Clive Fisher.

John Platts

1906 Glynn Waite

1909 Glynn Waite
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