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Calow Ironworks.

There was a discussion between my late friend and mentor Godfrey Downs-Rose as to the possible existence of an Ironworks at Calow, we postulated however that as only scant mention was made to it that it could have possibly been sited near to Calow and as such a misplaced identity for either the Adelphi Ironworks on Duckmanton Moor or at Calow Cock Alley or Hady Lane.

However I recently came across a buried piece of a bloom or slag which appears to be from a furnace of some sort near to Allpits Colliery at grid reference SK. 41239 71832 a photograph of which is included on this page.

I have no further proof from written evidence that a furnace existed here but with the abundance of coal, water, clay and ironstone available to be mined here and limestone from Bolsover it may have been at least tried out here at Calow.
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