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David Presson

Local History > Local History 1 > Calow > Spring House
Calow Spring House Farm. David Presson.

Just a few memories regarding the above farm it was purchased in about 1954 by my uncle Victor Carter and had attached about 15 acres and was worked as a mixed farm.

Proir to the Cundy family owning it, it was part of the estate of Earl Manvers, it had two large cellars wood panelling in the main entrance with a billiard room to the left of the entrance with a very ornate carved fire-place. The bathroom was installed in 1959, prior to 1957 water was fetched from a spring in the field below the farm before the railway line, this was capped of by the water board in 1957 to use in the mains system. The smaller dwelling attached to the house was rented for a couple of years by the Green family. There are also two wells on the farm, one at the end of the old pig sty and another behind the barns. As a youngster I used to help out on the farm when not at school and even after starting work at Arkwright pit.

The weeping ash in the garden has a saw cut in the trunk where I got bored one day and started to saw through it. Fortunately I stopped.

When my uncle and auntie died Anne the daughter sold it to the present owners. Hope this will be of use.

David Presson.
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