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Poulterwell Lane

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Poulterwell Lane.

Poulterwell Lane. Palteron and the source of the river Poulter.

Palterton end of lane SK. 478 680.

Scarcliffe end of lane SK. 489 679.

Poulter Well SK.487 680.

Sheep Wash. SK. 49340 67976.
A very old and possibly ancient route to the Poulter Well, it links the Mansfield Road at Palterton to the A618 that runs through Scarcliffe. It is between 3 to 5 hundred years old and may be older (see formula). It is possibly not a link to the two villages of Scarcliffe and Palterton but an access to and or from the sheep dip or sheep wash at the bottom of Scarcliffe woods and a road to the well.
The well was renowned locally for its watercress which has now gone as the area around the well has been left to nature and is greatly overgrown. I remember seeing it in abundance only a few years ago. The well does dry up and the feed into the sheep wash is often dry in times of drought.

Interestingly in Scarcliffe woods is a farm or house, which is no longer there called Birchhill.

The start of Poulterwell Lane. Palterton.

River Poulter

Poulterwell. The source of the River Poulter

This area once boasted the best of watercress

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