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James Worrall Calow

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James Worrall Calow.

On the 1901 Census James Worrall Calow's Residence was at 137 Poolsbrook, Staveley. His occupation: Engine Tenter (stationary). Working at Ireland colliery on the Lancashire Boilers that provided the steam for the many steam engines including the colliery winder on site. (A tireless thankless job I might add). He is the one on the far right of the left hand photograph and is the great grandfather of James A Calow the copyright holder of these photographs.

He also did the same job at Spital (Broad Oaks aka Markham Works), Clowne (Southgate) and Dronfield Steel works. He did however take time out to run a pub in Dronfield for a year.

Many thanks to Correne Calow.

Photographs Copyright James A. Calow.

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