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1811. J. Farey.

Adeiphi. Duckmanton Furnace.
Alder Car, (Alderer Car, Heanor).
Alfreton, Alfreton Furnace, (Somercotes).
Alton, Ashover. (Crowstone and Brasses).
Ankerbold, Tupton.
Arborlands, Eckington.
Apperknowle Common, Dronfield.
Ashgate, Brampton.
Aspinshaw, Glossop.
Bank, Holmesfield.
Barlborough Common.
Barlow Common.
Baslow. (Brasses).
Beeley Moor, Chatsworth Old Park. (Crowstone).
Beighton Field, Barlborough.
Belper Gutter.
Belper Lane End. (Brasses).
Belper Town.
Bent, Belper.
Benty Field, Codnor. (Smithy Coal).
Beerley Moor, Beighton.
Berrisford Moor, Wingerworth Furnace area, Tupton.
Berristow, South Norrnanton.
Biggin, Tibshelf
Birkin Lane, Ashover. (Fircelay and Crowstones).
Black CIough, Beat, Hartinglon. (On large Fault Worked by Boats).
Bole Hill, Eckington.
Bore Lane, Mellor, Glossop.
Bramley Moor, Eckington.
Brampton, Little Common.
Bretby, Bradby, Newhall.
Brians Coppy, Calke.
Brimington Moor.
Broadhurst Edge, Mellor, Glossop. (Crowstone).
Bugsworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith.
Burn'd Edge, in Ollerset, Hayfield.
Butterley Car, Ripley. (Iron Furnace and Mines Worked by Boats).
Butterly Park, Ripley. (over Cromford Canal Tunnel).
Carter Lane, Pinxton.
Castle Hill, Pentrich.
Chatsworth Old Park, Baslow.
Chesterfield Furnace. (Iron Furnace and Mines)
Chesterfield Towns End.
Chevin Side, Belper.
Clay Cross, North Wingfield.
Coal Aston, Dronfield.
Codnor, Nether Park.
Codnor, Upper Park.
Coldwell, (Cawdle), Eckington.
Combes Moss, Buxton.
Combs, Glossop.
Compstal Bridge, Mellor, Glossop.
Cotmanhay Wood, Ilkeston.
Cowpasture, Beard, Glossop.
Cutthorpe, Barlow.
Dale Abbey, Chapel-en-le Frith. (Iron Furnace and Mines).
Dally Gutter, Belper. (Brasses).
Denby. (147 Yards Deep).
Denby Hall.
Dimmings Dale, Blackwell.
Donisthorpe. (155.5 Yards Deep. Coal Seam 17 Foot Thick).
Dore. (Brasses).
Duckmanton Common.
Duckmanton Furnace. (Adeiphi).
Eaves Knowle, Bowers and Longders Pit, New Mills, Glossop.
Erncroft, Shaw Hay.
Far Lane, Barlow.
Ferneyford, West Hallam.
Ferneylee. Chapel-en-le-Frith.
Four Lane Ends, Alfreton.
Gander Lane, Killamarsh.
Glasshouse Common, Whittington.
Gleedless Common.
Gosley Waste, Hartshorn.
Goyte Moss, Coit, Mosshouses, Buxton.
Grasshill Hasland, (Iron Furnace and Mines).
Grassmoor, Temple Normanton.
Grassmoor, Platts.
Greenhill Lane, Alfreton.
Greenwitch, Ripley.
Gresley, Church Gresley.
Gresley Hall, Castle Gresley.
Hady, Chesterfield.
Hag, Dale Abbey.
Hallam Bridge, Nutbrook, Stanton-by-Dale.
Hall Fields, Newall.
Hardstoft, Tibshelf.
Harts Hay, Pentrich.
Harwood Grange, Beeley.
Hasland, Chesterfield.
Hasland, Grasshill.
Hazlewell, Barlborough.
Heage, Buckland Hollow.
Heage Bent, Nether End.
Heanor. (Brasses).
Henmore, North Wingfield.
High Ash, Barlow.
Higham, Shirland.
Highileld, Bodens Lane, Four Lane Ends, Alfreton.
High House, Owlcotes, Heath.
Hill Top, Dronfield.
Hollingwood Common, Brimington, (Worked by tunnel for boats under yellow lime).
Holly Wood, Bilborough, Nottinghamshire.
Hopping Hill, Belper.
Horsecroft, Stanfrey.
Horseley Woodhouse.
Ilkeston Common, Benersley.
Killamarsh, Nethermoor.
Killamarsh Old Delph.
Knitaker, Barlborough, (Partly under yellow lime, a large fault lies between this mine and Pebley Lane Colliery).
Lane End, Belper.
Langley Mill, Heanor.
Lea, Matlock.
Lees Hall, Norton.
Lings, Temple Normanton.
Little Common, Brampton.
Little Hallam, Ilkeston.
Loco Lane, North Wingfield.
Longhurst Lane, Mellor, Glossop.
Longway Bank, Iongnnor, Alderwasley, Wirksworth.
Loundsley Green, Chesterfield.
Lower Hag, Dale Abbey.
Lower House, Cuckoo Bush Hill, New Mills, Glossop.
Ludworth, Compstal Bridge, Mellor, Glossop.
Lumsdale, Matlock.
Measham Fields.
Middle Duckmanton.
Milne Hay, Heanor.
Moor Top, Duckmanton Common.
Morley, Morley Park, Heage, (Iron Furnace and Mines).
Mosborough Moor, Eckington.
Nether Birchwood, Alfreton.
Nether Field, Beighton.
Newbold Common.
Newbold Field.
New Brampton.
Newhall, Stapenhill.
Newhall Park, Church Gresley.
Newton, Blackwell.
Norbriggs, Staveley.
Nuthall, Bilborough. Nottinghamshire.
Oakerthorpe, Alfreton.
Oakthorpe, Measham.
Old Hall Wood, Mellor, Glossop.
Openwood Gate, Belper, (Crowstone).
Overthorp, Killamarsh.
Oneston, Dunston, Dronfield.
Palterton, Bolsover.
Pebbley Lane, Rodes, Barlborough.
Perkins, NewhaIl.
Pilsley Lane, North Wingfield.
Pingle, Dale Abbey.
Pistern, Hartshorn.
Plaistow Green, Crich.
Riddings. Alfreton.
Ringlow Bar,Dore, (Crowstone).
Roby Fast Field.
Roby West Field, Denby.
Round Hole, Church Gresley.
Salters Sitch, Owler Bar, (Crowstone).
Shallcross, Shawcross, Taxhall, Chapel-en-le-Fnth
Shaw Hay, Erncroft, Mellor, Glossop.
Skipley, Heanor, (Brasses, Mine 244 Yards Deep)
Shuttlewood Common, Bolsover.
Simondley, Glossop.
Simonfield, Smalley.
Smalley Common.
Smithey Houses, Denby.
Smithy Moor, Stretton, (Marley Bind).
Somercotes Furnace, Alfreton Furnace, (An Iron Furnace and Mines).
South Normanton.
Spinkhill Common, Barlborough.
Stanage Pole, Hatherasage.
Stanfrey, Horsecroft, Bolsover.
Stanley Common, West Hallam.
Stanton, Stanton Ward, Newall.
Stanton by Dale, Nutbrook, Hallam Bridge
Stone Gravel, Chesterfield.
Stretton, Shirland.
Stubley, Dronfield.
Sudbrook, Sudale, Barlow.
Sutton-in-Scarsdale Common.
Swadlincote, Newall, (Smithy Coal).
Swanwick Delves, Alfreton.
Swanwick Green, Alfreton, (Brasses).
Swinney, Belper Bridge.
Tansley Green, Matlock.
Tapton, Chesterfield.
Thatch Marsh, Hartington, Buxton, (Works 2.25 Miles long, Mine Worked by Means of a Railway Tunnel, Brasses).
Thick Wood, Owler Bar.
Tor Mine, New Mills, Glossop.
Town Field, Heage.
Troway, Eckington, (Smithy Coal).
Tupton Green, North Wingfield.
Waterfield, Stanton, New hall.
Westfield Sough. Barlborough.
West Hallam, Ferneyford.
West Hallam. Windmill Hill.
Wheatcroft, Crich.
White Holly Coppy, Ticknall.
Whittington Moor
Wigwell, Worksworth.
Wildens Mill, Brimington.
Wilders Green. Barlow.
Wingerworth Furnace, Woodthorp, Chesterfield.
Wingerworth Park
Wooden Box, Swadlincote.
Wood Field, Park Gate, Newhall.
Wood House, Stubley. Dronfield.
Woodhouse Lane, Smalley.
Wood Nook Sutton-in-Scarsdale.
Wood Thorpe, Tupton.
Wood Thorpe, Staveley.
Woodwards Close, Swadlincote.
Many of the mines listed above from John Fareys Book (General View of the Agriculture and minerals of Derbyshire. 1811-1817).
Had several shafts during their operating years, this was because it was cheaper to sink new shafts than to keep the underground roadways in good repair.
Crowstone was considered an important mineral. It was found in large quantities and used to surface roads and in the making of crucibles.
Brasses, Iron Pyrites or fools gold.
Fireclay, was used to produce heat resistant linings in furnaces either as clay or brick.
Smithy coal, presumably a coal which when burnt was ideal for producing high temperatures with low ash content which did not cake when burnt and little smoke, used for working iron in a smithy.
Masters & Agents

Gillet, Richard, Holywell Street Brampton Moor and Hady Mines.
Honloke, Sir J.J, Wingerworth.
Smith, Ebanezer and Company, Staveley.
Tomlinson, George, Highfleld.
Francis White and Company Directory 1862.

Appleby and Company, Walton.
Barnes, Edmund and Alfred, Grassmoor Colliery Company.
Baimbridge, E.M and Partners, West Stavley Colliery and Whittington.
Barrow, Richard. Blackshale Works.
Clayton, John, Tapton and Cavendish Street.
Dunston and Barlow Company, Sheepbridge Iron Works. Messers Fowler and Company Proprietors.
Firth, Thomas, and Sons, Whittington Works.
Gregory, John, Brampton.
Hewit, George, Walton Hall Colliery.
Hopkinoson, George. Welchpool.
Knowles, Clayton and Company, Hasland.
Lambert and Sayer, Tapton.
Lancaster and Knowles. Highfield Colliery
Lancaster, S & W, Dunston Colliery.
Ludlam, Luke, Boythorpe.
Marsden, Edwin, Walton.
Oldfield, John, Boythorpe.
Pearce, James, O, Birchill New Colliery.
Pearson, James, Highfield.
Pierce, Francis, R. Whittington.
Tapton New Colliery Company, Newbold.
Wingerworth Coal Company. Derby Road and North Wingfield.
1871. (Same as 1862 plus).
Senior, George and Son, Penmore Colliery.
Bulmer and Company Directory 1895.

Newbold Area.
Ashmore and Soar, Holme Close Colliery.
George Orwin, Wallsend Colliery.
Johnson Pearson, Higlifield Colliery.
Calow Area.
John Blair and Sons, Brampton, Allpits Colliery.
Hasland Area.
George Brewis, Boythorpe House.
New Riber Colliery Company. Boythorpe Lane, William Spooner.
Unstone Area.
Henry Langley, Unstone Grange.
From the 1842 report to the Commissioners on the Employment of Children in Mines. By Jim Fellows.

Coke and Chambers, Tupton. 1 shaft.
J.G.Baines, Brampton. 2 shafts.
Jonathan Bennett, Brampton. 4 shafts.
John Limb, Tapton. 2 shafts.
Appleby and Company, Tapton. 5 iron shafts.
G.H.Barrow, Staveley. 3 coal shafts.
G.H Barrow, Netherthorpe. 1 shaft.
Rhodes and Company, Coal Aston. 1 shaft.
Benjamin Smith and Company, Duckmanton. 3 coal and 20 iron shafts.
Appleby, Walker and Company, Renishaw. 4 shafts.
George Wells, Eckington. 2 shafts.
George Wells, Mosborough. 2 shafts.
Richard Swallow,Eckington,1 shaft.
William Newbold, Unston.1 shaft.
William Bunker and Company, Dronfield. 4 shafts.
Gray Waterfall, Dronfield. 3 shafts.
Samual Lucus, Dronfield. 2 coal shafts.
Henry Goodwin, Heath. 2 shafts.
Messers. Pattison and Company, Denby. 1 shaft.
1952. North Derbyshire Area of the National Coal Board.

Handley No I Colliery.
Handley No 2 Colliery.
Westhorpe Colliery.
Renishaw Park Colliery.
Ireland Colliery.
Oxcroft No 3 Colliery.
Oxcroft Colliery.
Markham No's 1,2,4.
Bolsover Colliery.
Arkwright Colliery.
Grassmoor Colliery.
Bonds Main Colliery.
Williamthorpe Colliery.
Holmewood Colliery.
Parkhouse No's 2 & 7.
Pilsley Colliery.
Morton No 5 Colliery.
Ramcroft Colliery.
GIapwell Colliery.
Prior to the Nationalisation of the nations collieries on January 1st 1947 the local collieries were all in private hands. These private owners were the Coal and Iron Masters. On that day the East Midlands Division of The National Coal Board took over 120 mines, five coking plants, twelve brick works, two pipe works, six waterworks, 18,350 houses, 112 farms and 14,300 acres of land all owned by the individual mining companies.
Coal and Iron Agents and Masters.
Bailys Directory 1781-1784.

Milnes esq. Dunston Coal Works
Dixon, John. Glass Manufacturer and Coal Miner.
John Farey 1811.

Anderson, William, Iron Agent, Grassmoor.
Banks, Rt Hon Sir Joseph, Bart. Mine, Limeworks owner, Overton, Chesterfield.
Barnes, John, Coal and Iron Master, Brampton.
Booker, George, Coal and Iron Agent.
Brocksop, John, Coal and Iron Master, Grasshill, Chesterfield.
Butler, Joseph, l.ings and Norbriggs Collieries.
Charlton, John, Iron Agent, Calow.
Dickin, George, Coal Agent, Staveley.
Goodwin, Humphfrey, Coal Master, Heath.
Hopkson, James, Coal and Iron Agent, Wingerworth.
Ranshaw, Joseph, Coal Agent, Norbriggs.
Scholefield, Edward, Limeworks, Barlborough.
Siddal, Godfrey, Coal Sinker, Brimington.
Sitwell, Sir Sitwell, Bart, Coal Owner, Renishaw Hall.
Smith, Ebaneser. Coal and Iron Master, Chesterfield.
Turton, Job, Coal Agent, Inkersall Green.
Wells, Richard, Coal Master, Eckington.
Piggot and Company 1828.

Gillet Richard, Holywell Street, Brampton Moor and Hady Collieries.
Hunloke, Sir. H.J.J. Wingerworth.
Smith, Ebanezer and Company, Staveley.
Tomlinson, George, Highfield.
Piggot and Company 1835.

Gillet, Richard. Brampton Moor.
Hunloke, Sir Richard J.J. Wingerworth.
Limb, John Pierce, Tapton.
Smith, Benjamin and Company, Adelphi Wharf.
Tomlinson, George, Newbold.
Ward, James, Newbold.
Wearmonth, Robert, (Coal Dealer), Soresby Street.
Coal Agents.
Twigg, James Ashton, Mining Agent and Agent to the Duke of Devonshire.
Coal Masters.
Appleby, Walker and Company, Renishaw.
Barrow, George Hodgekinson, Staveley.
Bason, Butterman and Haslehurst, Unstone.
Forrest, John Philip, Whittington.
Smith, Robert Edmund Mower, Dunston.
Webster, William, Barlborough.
Wells, George, Eckington.
Worral, Luke, Mosborough.
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