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Winifred's Mission Church

Bolsover Area > Carr Vale > Carr Vale
St. Winifred's Mission Church, Carr Vale.

Photographs copyright A.N. Bridgewater. Many thanks to John Gillway for letting me in.

'To The Glory Of God
This Stone Was Laid By
Her Grace The Duches Of Portland
On August Second 1907'

Opened in 1907 and closed around 1964 as the sale of the organ suggests it was no longer in use.
It has since been used as a garage and filling station, pet food shop and a carpet shop. It is now empty.


The Willis archive attributes this organ to Bower & Dunn (Sheffield) c.1910. This date appears to be a guess; the NPOR record gives a date of c.1880, with (unspecified) Bower & Dunn work c.1920. If it was not a new instrument c.1920 it was certainly rebuilt 'as new', for it is entirely typical of B&D instruments in the area. Here is the stoplist from the Willis archives:  

GREAT      8       Open Diapason          pneumatic basses      8       Hohl Flute                   8       Dulciana               1-12 grooved      4       Principal   
SWELL      8       Violin Diapason      8       Gedact                 1-12 grooved      8       Gamba         4       Gemshorn      8       Cornopean                
PEDAL     16       Bourdon      8       Bass Flute        3 unison couplers. 2 composition pedals to Great, 2 to Swell.
Balanced pedal to Swell.
Compass: 58/30.
Tracker action to manuals, pneumatic to pedals.

In 1964 the organ was moved by Willis to Holy Cross Church, Upper Langwith. In 1987 it was overhauled by Chalmers & Hyde (Dronfield), who removed the Gemshorn and Cornopean from Swell and substituted a Principal and a Fifteenth.

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