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Bolsover Gas Works.

Sk 463708.

Found at the bottom of Bolsover Hill on the left across the road from the colliery. Presumably built just after the colliery in about 1890. This was the second Bolsover Gas Works.

Bolsover Gas, Light & Coke Company. From T.P. Woods Almanacs, Bolsover Section.
Secretary Mr. J.W. Ford from at least 1927 to at least 1936.
Bolsover Gas, Light & Coke Company. 1939.
East Midlands Gas Board by 1959. District Superintendant Mr. K.M. Colclough.
The First Bolsover Gas Works.

SK 475704.

To be found at the end of Bolsover (Town End) built prior to the 1880's. When it was superceded by the colliery gas works the buildings can still be identified on the 1890's Ordnance Survey maps.

Kelly's Directory 1881, Bolsover Gas Works. Christopher Hinde, Secretary. Bolsover.
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