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Can anyone help........? email me at:

Hello Neil.
Compliments on a fascinating web site.

I am doing some research into my family history and have come across a  photo possibly taken sometime around 1930, somewhere in North Derbyshire,  Can you take a look and see if you have any idea where it is, could be taken at a working men's club.

I have relatives in the picture, my great uncle John Reddish from Grassmoor, who lost his left arm and leg at Passchendale in 1917 is third from the far left.  My grandfather Jim Reddish who is seventh on the far left.  Both were born in Grassmoor in the 1890's and worked at Grassmoor Colliery and both lived there at this time.

My grand father played football and cricket for Grassmoor teams before the First World War and I wondered if it could be a sporting dinner. I also wondered if it might be somewhere in Grassmoor or Hasland.

Hi Neil


  • I would like to know if you can shed some light for me regarding the Bolsover St John's Ambulance team, that won the “Portland Shield”
    I have sent you an old photo of a team that won it, but don't know when, to me it looks like it was taken on the cricket ground near the
    the pavilion. All I know about this photo is the man standing behind the shield is Fred Marples, he trained not just the team in the photo
    but many more, and I would like to know more about him.
    Can you help?
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