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Bolsover Mills. (Flour).

All three of the Mills are shown on the early Ordnance Survey Maps of the Nineteenth Century.

Windmill and Lime Kiln.(Limekiln Fields).
SK 473713
Shown on 1840 Maps in a Limestone Quarry.
Not Shown on 1780 maps.

Bagshaws Mill. (Welbeck Road).
SK 478706
The Mill Stood in a Ruinous State for Many Years.
Photographed as a ruin in 1979.

Now a Tastefully Modernised House.
Photographed in 2001.

Steam and later electrically driven with an oil engine.
Possibly on the Site of an Earlier Mill.
Site Shown on 1840 Maps but not Labelled as a Mill.

Lime Kiln & Limekiln Field SK 473713.

(Sutton) Mill Farm in the Parish of Sutton Cum Duckmanton.
At the bottom of Bolsover Hill, Mill and Farm.
SK 460707.

Commercial Directory.

Armstrong Edward, Whalley
Butcher John, Cresswell
Butcher Robert, Cresswell
Carding William, Pleaseley
Cuthbert Joseph, Bolsover
Reason Thomas, Pleaseley


George Johnson, Farmer and Miller, Owner of Steam Thrashing Machine.
Mill House Bolsover.
William Roberts Residing at Mill Farm.

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