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Rail Excursion

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Came across the attached in a Midland Railway working timetable of excursion trains for June and July 1914.

As you will see, on Saturday 11th July there were three Glapwell Colliery Co. guaranteed excursions to and from Liverpool. I assume that this was the start of the colliery holiday week as it shows at the bottom that tickets could also be booked for 3 to 7 days. However, most would just have gone on a day trip, which at that time was exactly what it meant – away for almost 24 hours! I assume that many of them did not stay in Liverpool all day, but went to places like New Brighton and Southport.

With war being declared a few weeks later, his would have been the last trip of this kind for some years – certainly not before 1921.

Glynn (Waite)

Hand Bill & Photographs, Glynn Waite.

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