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Foxley Oaks

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Foxley Oaks Colliery.
SK 36/37 388742. SK 438780 374210.

This colliery at Whittington was sunk in 1861 by the Pierce family originally to a depth of 483 feet which was to exploit the Silkstone or Blackshale seam which was at 473 feet. The shaft was later deepened in 1867 by a further 228 feet.

Foxley Oaks colliery in 1880 was owned and operated by the Whittington Silkstone Colliery Company.

Derbyshire Times. 14th. March 1863.

Wanted 40-50 colliers to work the Silkstone seam of coal. Constant work guaranteed.

21st. March 1863.

An inquest was held at the Cock and Magpie Inn Whittington on the body of Richard Shemwell 19 a coal miner. George Shemwell a banksman at Foxley Oaks colliery said the deceased was his son who was killed on the 2nd. March by falling down the shaft of a coal pit belonging to Rev. W.M.Pierce.

19th. February 1876.

A meeting of the workmen employed at the above colliery took place at the New Bridge Inn for the purpose of presenting a testimonial to Mr.S.Hawkins enginewright on the occasion of his leaving the service of the Whittington Silkstone Colliery company. Mr. Sheldon (checkweighman) was called to make the presentation which consisted of a costly gold Albert guard and locket.

14th. & 21st. April 1883.

On instruction from Mr.W.D.Holford the liquidator of the Whittington Silkstone Colliery Company, John Turner and Son will sell by auction the above colliery the plant comprising of 9 steam engines, air compressor, steam pumps, and vertical donkey engine by Oliver & Company. Horizontal engine with flywheel by Easterbrook, steam engine and compressor by Warsop & Hill, water heaters double flue by Hawksley Wild & Company.

20th. September 1884.

John Turner and Son will sell by auction at the Angel Hotel Chesterfield on the 2nd. October 1884 at 3:00pm. all that valuable colliery known as Foxley Oaks colliery situated at Whittington. It is in direct communication with the main line of the Midland Railway company. The colliery comprises of about thirteen acres of freehold land whereon are erected the colliery offices eighteen cottages and out buildings. Also all the mines minerals lying under the land. Below the Deep Soft and Dunston coal under the lands under the Midland Branch railway. Minerals include 70 acres of Blackshale coal and other seams of coal and ironstone upwards of 1000 acres. One pair of shafts is sunk into the Blackshale seam and another pair of shafts is sunk into the Dunston seam.

Foxley Oaks Opencast 1996.

¾ seam top to Tupton seam bottom. Also worked the Blackshale or Silkstone seam.
(A. Jackson).

A. Jackson.
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