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The Lincoln Racetrack Grandstand, photographed in 2010.

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Lincoln Racecourse is a former horse racing venue to the west of the city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. It was the original location of the Lincolnshire Handicap. The course closed in 1965 and the race relocated to Doncaster Racecourse where a small change to the race title sees it run as the Lincoln Handicap.

From 1727 at the earliest, Lincoln had held a Royal Plate race, run in 4 mile heats by 6 year olds carrying 12 stone.

The course was located west of the City of Lincoln by Saxilby Road. The racecourse was established by the Lincoln Corporation on West Common in 1773. The grandstand of 1897 is a Grade II listed building, now used as a community centre. The A57 road passed between the course and the grandstand. During race meetings, this was closed off and traffic diverted, enabling BBC cameras to follow the leaders of the race at close distance all the way from start to the winning post.

After closure the course was used for many years as a Point to Point track.
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