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Bolsover Area > Carr Vale > Carr Vale
  • Funerial procession. One of the war dead from World War I.

  • The Station.

  • Viaduct blown up. The line ceased service on December the third 1951, the line was removed, and the tunnel blocked up. The railway viaduct which was said by some to be unstable and unsafe, had two failed attempts made to blow it up using explosives; but was finally demolished using heavy machinery. (August 24th. 1952 at 8:15am). The viaduct was seventy feet high and three hundred and seventy feet long. The Viaduct.

  • Charlesworth Street.

  • The Old Cobblers.

  • Viaduct prior to demolition.

  • Main Street.

  • Carr Vale Allotments.

  • Flints Coaches.

  • Waiting at the Station. Waiting for the King & Queen. Possibly June 25th 1914, King George V and Queen Mary pass through Bolsover to visit the Duke and Duchess of Portland at Welbeck Abbey.

  • Main Street.

  • Carnival.
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