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Station House

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Carr Vale Station House

Built for the ‘Station Master’ by the Lancashire Derbyshire & East Coast Railway in the 1890’s the house stood on the entry to the village for many years until it was demolished to make way for a housing development. The garage to the right of the building was originally the office.

Bolsover South Railway Station. Carr Vale 1963. (R).
Courtesy and Copyright of Ben Brooksbank.
With Thanks.

Joseph Hamblet 1896 West Bromwich.

The shot is upside down so it can be read there are at least two of the dated blue engineering bricks in the line around the bottom of the house.

Entrance porch.

Roof line at the rear.

Side view.

No need to lock the door today then.

The office. Note the bricked up windows.

I need a wee mum!

The end is drawing near.

Photographs from my mobile phone. Thursday1st November.

Ouch! That’s got to hurt.

All that was left at the end of the day.

All photographs copyright A.N. Bridgewater 2007.

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