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Shirland Colliery.  
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Shirland colliery was sunk in 1864 and by the end of the 19th century the colliery employed some 500 men. The colliery provided several of the usual amenities for the workers including a bowling green and a Miners Welfare and colliery houses. The pit closed in 1965.

Derbyshire Times.
9th July 1864.  
Wanted tenders for sinking a pair of shafts twelve feet in diameter to the Blackshale seam at Shirland colliery. The estimated depth is 120 yards.   
21st June 1876.  
It was resolved by the miners who had stopped work that the following price list would be the only one for future workings:
Blackshale pit:      heading with bars.    4/8d      per yard.      Was  6/3d.                                                                                                                  
                                cutting                   2/2 ½ d.                            2/6d.
                                ripping                   4/-.                                    7/-.    
Tupton pit:            heading with bars      4/6d                                5/-.
                                Cutting                   1/6d.                                1/6d.
                                ripping                   1/9d.                                2/6d .
25th July 1877.  
In the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice before the Master of the Rolls the usual order for the winding up of the Shirland Colliery Company Ltd. was made. There was no opposition.
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